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Whispers from the Wild: An Invitation

Stories from the rescued wild animals of Earthfire Institute

“Every story is a jewel, you will laugh, cry, and fall deeply in love with every animal in this beautifully written book.”

“This book is a must read for all those searching for words to describe their own emotional connection with all life…There is poignancy and beauty in every offering.”

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Founded in 2000, Earthfire Institute is a sanctuary for rescued wildlife native to the Yellowstone to Yukon Wildlife Corridor. Living with these wild animals over their lifetimes, founder and Executive Director Susan B. Eirich, Ph.D., vividly illuminates the incredible connection of these animals to each other and to the humans who care for them. Through inspirational storytelling, Susan shares her experiences with these animals, in play, in love, and through their passing. From a wolf who maneuvered her way into cabin-living to a developmentally delayed grizzly bear who deeply moved all who met him, these are the stories of the animals of Earthfire–a taste of the laughter, joy and love they brought, and the insights they offered.

Earthfire is sustained primarily by donations. Please consider partnering with us to support the Earthfire animals and our vision of flourishing habitats for all Life.

Due to Amazon’s publishing schedule, the hardcover version of Whispers from the Wild is not yet available globally. However, the paperback and eBook versions are both available worldwide.

AudioBook Coming Soon!

Susan is currently recording the audio version of Whispers from the Wild, and we look forward to sharing it with you soon. In the mean time, please enjoy this sample chapter about Willow the Coyote.

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Willow the Coyote
White wolf in the snow
Red fox standing in tall grass

A Note from Susan

We humans are in a time between stories, exploring a new way of relating to wildlife and nature. My wish for this book, long in the making, is to contribute to a new paradigm where we viscerally feel the truth that we are all connected. Then we and our Earth can begin to heal.

The wild ones have the ability to open us to an enchanted world of unexpected depths, delights, and mutual exchange. We just have to learn how to tune in to them. Our roots are in nature. Any aspect of nature will work, but for many of us animals are the easiest portal into the mystery and miracle of Life.

The stories in Whispers from the Wild illustrate the individuality and the many dimensions of wild animals—their playfulness, intelligence, and ecstatic joy in being alive. I hope they help you feel ever more a part of the rich web of living beings as they did for me—a magical world where, as we walk through forests and fields, we realize that everything around us is alive, resonating, in harmony with itself, us, and something vastly larger.

My hope is that these stories give you a sense of the deep companionship that is available to us when we realize who the animals actually are—vivid, intelligent fellow beings sharing our Earth.

An Invitation to Participate in a Book

A woman is transformed by an experience with a dying kitten.
A man is forever changed by an interaction with a group of trees.
A runner pausing over a rushing river hears the words,” Everything must change…”
We have profound experiences in nature more often than many think.

I invite you to share an experience in nature that has moved you. 

Where do we go for solace, healing, and hope in turbulent times? Our natural instinct is to turn to each other and to nature. Many of us have had profound experiences in nature, but society doesn’t offer support for them or the teachings they offer. And yet, these experiences light a path to the way nature works and illuminate our integral connection to and expression of it. These experiences guide us to an ancient wisdom within us where we can access creative solutions to our current crises. Recognizing, trusting, and sharing these experiences makes them more powerful. I call this Reconnection Ecology®.

It is crucial that we support each other in this endeavor. In this spirit, I would like to invite you to share a profound experience you have had in nature for possible inclusion in a book I am writing about Reconnection Ecology®. It is my hope this will contribute to a tipping point where we expand our awareness to include all Life in our decisions. Please know that anything you offer will be held in the strictest confidence.

If you are interested, send an email to and we will forward more details. If your experience is selected and you agree, I may give you a call to further explore the dimensions of your experience. We may also hold online conversations where we can share these experiences and inspire one another.

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